Poker Alice – The First Great Female Poker

Poker Alice – The First Great Female Poker

Poker is a popular pastime in the days of the Old West, and Hollywood is a tribute to the sport in many films that revolve around either poker or one of his scenes. Hollywood is not saying that all poker players are men. Of course, it was a patriarchal society, where the game was almost “work of man”, but there were a few women ahead of her time playing really professional.

One of the most famous poker players in the 1880s, Poker Alice. She was an intelligent woman, independent and colorful for avoiding stereotypes men at the table together as equals denied denied, something that most women limits. Despite this trend, Poker Alice dominates many of the “hard” men who laugh at him when he was asked to join a game that focuses on the home of $ 225,000 in his 60 year career.

Poker Alice was born in England in 1851. His real name was Alice Ivers. When he was three, his parents decided to emigrate to the United States and it was there that he discovered poker.

Alice’s father was a teacher, and his mother took him to the “primary” and “good” for a woman. He studied at the Seminary of fashionable women, and when she was 20, she was the “honorable” thing and married a mining engineer educated and wealthy, Frank Duffield.

Duffield was an avid poker player, and Alicia dutifully accompanied him on his game. He learned to play. Then the couple moved to Leadville (the mining town’s largest and most lawless in Colorado). Unfortunately, her husband died in a mining accident, and she had no way to get home and do not work to meet your needs. So she put her skills to use the mental game, and was known in Colorado, not only because of its delicate beauty, but his incredible poker skills. She defies all stereotypes with the use of beautiful feminine dresses with a cigar, and although it was a master in the art of bluffing and could outsmart (and carry outs) the best of them, refused to play Sunday. Alice motto was: “Praise the Lord and place your paris’ll take your money without repentance.”.

Alice Fame Colorado spread across the country, and America was a buzz in the discourse of the “beautiful lady players.” Arcades to invite them to play their shows scrambled eggs, the people gathered in the knowledge will be able to see, know, or even play against them.

Alice was well-deserved reputation. In Silver City, New Mexico, was established in the record Bookmaker gold dust to win $ 6,000 in one night.

Bob Ford (murderer of Jesse James) hired to work as a mediator in the lounge tent. Alice happily back to a quieter life, married to another dealer Tubbs GT. Unfortunately, he died of pneumonia in the middle of a snowstorm, and went 50 miles to his body in difficult weather conditions only for him a decent burial.

Alicia returns to play, and opened a tavern called “Poker Palace.” It was about 70 years old, but she was always cheerful, even suffer a soldier firing in self-defense. “At my age, I think we should weave,” she said, “but I prefer to play poker with five or six” experts “play food”.

Poker Alice was a legend. He died in 1930 at age 80.