Lucky numbers in roulette, how to guess?

Lucky numbers in roulette, how to guess?

Roulette is one of the most famous gambling games, and rarely any casino, land-based or virtual, is complete without this exciting device. For a huge number of players, the most cherished desire is a program for calculating the appearance of numbers in roulette.

How roulette works

Roulette is a horizontally located rotating wheel on which thirty-seven sectors of the same size are placed in the form of holes. A ball is launched on the roulette wheel, each throw of the ball is called a spin. In which sector the ball remains, that one is considered the winner in this spin. 36 numbers from one to thirty-six and the Zero sector – zero. The numbers are not arranged in ascending order, but in a special sequence that does not have any mathematical dependencies. Also, all numbers, with the exception of Zero, are divided into two colors – red and black, even and odd. There is an opportunity to bet on dozens – the first, second or third, and there are also three columns. You can place bets not only on a certain number, but also on two numbers at the same time, on three or four. In each case, a different winning coefficient will be triggered, and the largest one is with an accurate guess of the number. According to experts, the behavior of the roulette ball is absolutely unpredictable, and the most frequent numbers in roulette can be any. The general probability of each number appearing in an honest casino is always the same – 1 in 37. From the point of view of mathematics, there is nothing surprising in the appearance of the same number several times in a row, and such cases are officially registered. This is unlikely, but possible. In the same way, as well as the fact that only red numbers will drop out at one table all evening.

The ideal winning system – does it exist?

A lot of people have been and will continue to talk about the roulette system that brings only winnings. The idea itself is tempting, and it feels real. Roulette consists of numbers, which means that you can use mathematical laws, connect powerful computers and extract the same formula. This is not to say that this is impossible in principle, but practice proves that such a system has never been created. According to experts who have carefully researched the issue, the whole thing is in a lot of accidents. Each roulette is different from the other, just as the croupiers differ from each other, and even the ball throws performed by the same person. Therefore, chance will always triumph over theoretical constructions. And since everything is in the hands of chance, what number to bet on the roulette wheel is decided only by the player’s desire.

The most famous roulette tactics

Many people are not interested in placing bets in a random order, so tactics and strategies often take place, of which there are many. Someone prefers to bet on their “lucky numbers” associated with some events. It could be birthdays, wedding dates, the number of cats, whatever. There are more serious tactics that are also popular. For example, the tactic of constantly doubling the bet. It is quite simple and is used when playing odd or even, red is black. There are only two options here, one winning with a coefficient of 1 to 1. The essence of the tactic is this: if every time, in case of a loss, you double your bet, then if you win, the player will remain in the black. In theory, everything is extremely clear and logical, but in practice you may not be able to wait for a win, because with a constant doubling, the amount of the bet grows very quickly. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty whether there are schemes that can guarantee winning at roulette. Each person decides for himself what to bet on and in what sequence. The roulette design itself gives a lot of room for betting, creating systems and manifesting personal tastes. Lucky numbers and winning tactics are different for each person.